What's worse than not writing comments?!
Writing shitty useless irrelevant ones!

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    // This is comment
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    //Abandon hope all ye who enter here
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    // And now for the tricky bit
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    I don't see how this is a joke. It is a serious fucking problem
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    Wrong or outdated comments are even worse.
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    I have personally witnessed the equivalent of:

    loopCounter++; // increment loop counter

    Sometimes I fear I hold more rage than can be contained by this fragile mortal shell.
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    /* but at least there were still some comments. 😂😜
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    # If this works, imma buy a lottery ticket

    /* This IS NOT SQL Injection safe. Oh, well */

    (I've used this one)
    # This works. Not sure why. Don't touch it. Please.
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    All kidding aside: I find that commenting code well is a skill just as much as coding itself is. Sadly, it is a skill many developers find as distasteful as documentation so it quickly falls by the wayside.

    As I get more experienced, I find myself commenting my code for me _and_ for anyone who may look at it after me just so they don't have to bother me with questions or curse my name for not commenting the code.

    And I agree that obvious stuff probably shouldn't be commented but what is obvious to one dev may not be to another, no?
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