Question to all the Devs out there.....

What do you prefer???
A. Strict timing in the office (e.g. 9-6)
B. Deadline focused work any hours you want and beat the deadline.

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    I will work with strict timing 8-5 but personally I would prefer deadline focused work. But since I will start working for the first time in August I didn‘t have the option to choose.
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    A relaxed combination of them both.
    Deadlines will be deadlines, but having the flexibility to adjust which 8 hours of the day I work is nice too.
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    Like I'm working now:
    fixed deadlines and flexible hours of work, even tho, they're not completely flexible, but I can deal with it, I mean, I start working at 10am
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    I'm fine with our 8-16 work. It gives a "now I work" and "now I am off work" switch
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    a mix of both?
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    Flextime with core office hours (e.g. 10-15 and 3h to spent freely)?
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    @sbiewald yeah. Something like that. So there will be some time when anyone you would need is present in the office.
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    - Flexible schedule, up to 7 or 8 hours a day.(whatever is the rule in your country. Over here is 8 hours. More than that is considered over-time, more than 10 is illegal, but nobody actually pays attention to that)

    - Proper planning so there's no need for "crunch time" to hit a deadline.

    But my current situation is a massive quality of life upgrade: Remote freelancing on a 25 hours/week retainer, no schedule. Making more than I'd make as a full-time employee locally.
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    @irene Well.... in theory at least
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    C: Pretending to work for them but secretly studying c++, in 8-18 schedule.
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    I had only ever worked 9-5. Recently my organisation started doing “summertime hours” which is 8.30-5.30 Monday to Thursday and 9-12 on a Friday. This is only for the summer months (June, July and August). It works pretty well and allows us to have a longer weekend through the summer.
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    Strict timing 12-14
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    I prefer 8-3.30. With flexibility like 9-4.30 if I want to.
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    A. Is nice as it gives me a life to enjoy.

    B. Probably means I'll have a job to come back to on Monday !

    Hard to enjoy life without a job..

    So I guess if you can keep hopping from A to A, and never run out, you can enjoy your life !
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    6 to 3 is my favorite, but with the Option to sleep longer If i need to, so 8 to 5 on some days
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