After wasting most of the afternoon trying to fix Visual Studio, I can honestly say is is the worst IDE I have ever had the misfortune to use.

Seems the only way to "fix" it is to erase it and reinstall.


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    I’ve had the displeasure of this experience many, many times.

    Unfortunately, here come the fanboys to defend it
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    I also have some anecdotal experiences I'd like to share as general facts.
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    There is no such thing as a perfect IDE. I too have spent entire days damning VS to hell, but in daily use it does it's job well. And there is no getting around the fact that if you want to do serious business, you use .Net, and if you use .Net, you use Visual Studio.
    So just embrace it.
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    Are you using VS 2013? 2019 is the Best IDE you can find.
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    Development cycle:

    Day 1, install Visual Studio

    . . .

    Day 27, install Visual Studio

    Day 28, Code !
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    I agree with you. Looks nice, clean interface, lot of tools and it has a big potential but make an IDE with Electron wasn't a wise choice from Microsoft.
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    Day 29, Fix Visual Studio
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    Day 30, Update for Visual Studio comes out..

    Day 31, Find workaround for update induced bug in Visual Studio..

    Day 32, Windows update comes out, breaks Visual Studio..

    Day 33, Fix Windows update issue..

    Day 34, Hotfix for Visual Studio comes out, fixes bug, breaks something else..
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    Visual Studio sucks stinky donkey balls. VS Code, on the other hand...
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    @kwilliams it’s no different than saying it’s awesome
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    My friend woke up one day to find that basically everything in visual studio stopped working for him, including syntax highlighting and code completion.
    And get this: even uninstalling and reinstalling didn't fix it. He tried deleting cache folders, got nothing. Could'nt find anything on Google either. The problem remains unsolved to this day.
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    It’s been mostly stable for ages now, but it still shits itself more than is proper, if you can justify the cost, JetBrains’ Rider is just pure love.
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    This is why you need at least two PC's :-)

    Though once, I had 5, and 4 needed fixing..
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    @LuxARTS Umm visual studio wasn't made with electron - VScode was and it's one of the best regarded text editors. Not an IDE.
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    I'd also like to throw my anecdotal evidence into the mix - of 3 years using visual studio I've never once HAD to reinstall. There were issues sometimes but most were fixed by restarting it. I'm pretty sure the same can be said by most of my team
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    I really tried to avoid reinstalling it, as it was often a right pain to do so.

    That and uninstalling it was equally a pain..

    I'm trying to remember how many years I've been using it. :-)

    1995 I think..


    > Microsoft Visual (Developer)

    > Studio 95 (yes, 95)
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    Biggest problem with VS is how it tries to be the single IDE to replace all. I tried using it with R and it was awful.

    There's so much crap installed if you select all the options and some of it just isn't in VS area of competence.

    It's fine at its core mission.

    However, I'm enjoying Rider on macOS. No doubt I'll grow to hate it over time.
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    @platypus I seriously love Rider.
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