Finally bought this.

Sound quality is awesome. Mic quality could have been better.

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    Better photo.
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    I'm sorry but "Galaxy Buds" sounds like the name of a bad movie starring golden retrievers as astronauts...
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    @JustThat this 😂😂
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    @JustThat funny - it's the EXACT same thing that I thought. xD
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    This broke ass nigga aint even got airpods
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    @ganjaman if you ain't got second gen i don't wanna hear shit. Especially if ya broke ass still has a home button 🚮🚮
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    *Grabs popcorn and prepares for Apple VS the rest of the tech community*
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    maaaybe I can keep the peace, let's see if I can find some middle ground.

    Apple is expensive shit and Samsung is slightly less expensive but more shit.

    Am I doing this right?
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    @JustThat how can movie starring a golden retriever as astronaut can be a bad movie ?
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    @marcus5914 It also stars Matthew McConaughey 😁
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