Received a Full Stack Radio t-shirt and some new stickers this week, from the creator of Tailwind CSS. The shirt was printed in the wrong size; though I'm already happily expecting one in the right size, such things happen, and they fixed it before I even received this package (USA2BEL, 2 weeks in postage...)

Happy accident along with this; double the amount of stickers!! :D (and of course, double the shirts!)

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    For those wondering how the shirt looks; includes face reveal :')
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    that's a dope shirt
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    @erandria right!? Rockin'!! The correct size I was expecting is about 1,5 times bigger too, so It'll be even more radical when I receive that one in a week or two 😎👌
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    I can count up to 2 caps and 1 hat. I see you are a man of culture, as well.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Dad's place 🙃😁😅 He's been into country for years now, I wear the cap for my genetic baldness lol
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    @KartSriv I think I paid 35USD :) but, due to the error, I'll receive double .. x)
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