Anybody who is crying for slow machine issue. You can do this think.

1. Replace your HDD with ssd (256gb in 3500 INR)
2. buy DVD shape hdd holder (cost 700 INR)
3. replace DVD with this case

Benefits :
Speed up
No need to worry about data backup


My boot time of window 10
3 mins to 15sec

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    What the fuck kinda shitty hardware did you have for it to take 3 minutes??
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    I am using 5 year old laptop with amd processor.

    I will not replace it till I bought MacBook Pro 😊
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    @import-fun still wtf are you using?
    I'm using a 7 year old amd A6, still running with hdd. I've only had to whack 8GB ram into it, to maintain somewhat decent running.
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    @C0D4 I've got what I think is a 2010 Toshiba Satellite (don't remember exactly when it was bought and I'm too lazy to check lol) and I'm fairly certain it still wouldn't take 3 mins to boot.
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    @Stuxnet I know right.
    I can be at login screen within 30-45 seconds, which is reasonable given the age and low specs.

    AMD A6-3400m : 1.4GHz quad core
    8GB ram : came with 4 but W10 was hardly usable
    1GB GPu - it's integrated with cpu 🤷‍♂️
    750GB sata hdd, original 😅
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    15 seconds is fast. I'm happy with my 30 seconds, although wondering what I could do to make it faster
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    @jespersh Use an NVMe drive and a Linux distribution without WM/DE!
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    Who has space for a dvd sized hdd today anyways?
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    I would probably never turn off my pc if it took 3 minutes to start up
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    3 min if you still boot from HDD? Cause no way SSD still takes that long
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    I think bad sectors are in my HDD that's why it taking to much time.

    Anyway I am happy with my upgrade.

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    Also buy more ram.

    That 3mins is absurd, i use a i5-4200u and it boots arch in like 5s?
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    15 seconds... my work machine takes (from the moment it reaches the bootloader) about 5-6 seconds :)
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    @ganjaman Kubuntu in my case
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    If it takes so long it's the harddrive.

    Probably a 5.400 RPM drive with abysmal latency
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    @norman70688 I believe it’s Indian rupees
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    @norman70688 international nice rolex
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    My work drive is a 7200RPM Seagate drive and it too takes 3 min to boot, because of bloatware I can't uninstall :(
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    I'd say installing Linux on any dying machine would redeem it.
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