My current job is too easy.

I know that's a weird rant, but after years of crisis deadlines and constant struggling pressure it's really relaxing to be able to build at a sane and professional pace.

...but I'm afraid it's ruining me. I don't know if I could go back to literally any of the other types of companies I've worked for. I'm going soft

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    Yep. In many ways, that is where I'm at. Don't get me wrong, they still try my patience, but I'm still very comfortable and just don't want to go anywhere else. Then again, with ageism rempant in IT, I'm not sure if want to go back out on the market and have to deal with that.
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    Create a script to delete a random, obscure but critical file on production at 17:02 on a random Friday some time in the mid future.

    That will add some excitement to the mix.
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    @stisch Or you could try doing a challenging project outside your work. That way you will not have the job pressure and you won't feel going soft.
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    It's temporal, your mind will get used to eventually, and for the good this time
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    @Qaldim I strongly agree with that. I am in my 3rd job now, and I like it here, but I firmly believe this won't be my last job. So I am trying to keep my skills sharp with some side projects and learn about new technologies.
    Also something similar happened to me at university the 2nd term was rough everything after that was almost a cakewalk.
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    @iAmNaN I don't think ageism is as big an issue for good devs. If you're good and can convince them of that fact there will always be a position for you somewhere.
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    @stisch yep, and I'm there. One of the top rated companies by Fortune. 😁
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    Maybe you it's easy thanks to you, so you deserve to relax.

    And why do you want anyway to go back to companies exploiting you insanely?
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