I don't know how to feel about it. What story it tells? Python is so easy that even vandals use it or maybe someone bleed on the wall how much she/he hates python. Or maybe it is scream of inner Vandal closed in cubicle who works with AI and blockchain for life's. What is the story behind this?

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    Hate, definitely hate.
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    @Alice Art is funny thing, someone has some reason to spray that word in that way (in Polish python is spelled without h). For sure it has story behind, maybe dumb one and I think that it is quite possible, but art isn't about artist or even object itself it is how we percive it. When you focus on emotions of artis, her skills or story different pieces of art will have higher value.

    We have a lot of talented people who create thoughtful pieces of art and they don't get enough of attention, because we have habits to skip everything "nice pic, next!".

    It isnt good mural, but today it makes me smile, because it is stupid and I overthink about it 😃 No regrats
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    import graffiti
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    Obs: the following is just a line of thought.

    Art should not need to have a background history to be art, but to stand as it's on, independent of who made it.

    I see art as the capacity of transmitting an idea or feeling successfully, like when people cry on concerts because of all the psychological layers the piece can get through, reaching the most inner self.

    By this definition I don't think this should be considered as art, as it is just a word; and not a really special word, as it doesn't have a lot of historial baggage.

    By this standard, every one of the words I just typed is a piece of art.

    Nonetheless, I too think it's interesting to play to guess what's the context of things :P I just saw an opportunity to talk about something interesting and hold it.
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    @gnog Art is meaningless word which we use to describe meaningful things, because everything could be percive as art and it is hard to define boundries for it. If you focus on your emotions, art could exist without artist, but not if you consider artist`s expression of emotion.

    I cant say that something isn't art, only say that I don't admire it.
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