*This morning*
HR Lady: we saw your profile and we think it fits what we're looking for, I just need to know what you use for front-end programming

Me: I use ReactJs, AngularJs and for backend NodeJs

HR Lady: Hmm, so you don't use Javascript

Me: ... (unhandled exception in my head)

Me: M'am everything I mentioned is using Javascript

HR Lady: oh! ok.

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    "unhandled exception in my head"
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    that is pretty high on my list of triggering things said by a recruiter...
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    @Alice TRIGGERED!
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    These HR people, lol
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    She ment pure javascript outside a framwwork with jquery etc. She must have requirements like "dev should maintain sites buuld b4 2010"
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    Well, what if they are looking fo a vanilla JS front end guy?

    None of those bullshit new shit would be useful. Not that they are useful anyway.

    Bottom line is: JS sucks balls.
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    the front end guys just overdo it. they make a single 15 line function into a 5MB framework that executes a 14 line function, just so they have to write one line less and call it "efficient" and "fast"... sorry if i'm stepping on your toes but sadly it's true
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    Me: "No, just JS."
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    HR Lady: I'm looking for someone who does Java
    Me: I do Javascript
    HR Lady: Perfect
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    @irene good to see you again
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    what did i notice?
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    ah yeah 😅 sure thing i noticed that. makes me sad every time i think about it
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    My favourite 😂
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    I woulda been: "What's your title here?"

    "HR Manager" (or something)

    "Soooo you're not a part of human resources?"
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    @Abrynos certain libraries are more than semantics, React does a lot in the background to boost efficiency on updating states in complex frontends

    But I agree that several megabytes of npm packages for a "hello world" is a little insane
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    @Alice Damn. You are everywhere. 😂 every thread I check, a comment from you lurks around the corner.
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