When there is no python module for what you're trying to do.

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    Write it yourself.
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    @Root that's a good challenge
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    When you’re searching for a module that could make reports in a EASY way like rdlc from microsoft 😭
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    i've literally wrote one (missing python module) myself and i had an amazing feedback from the community. i suggest to do the same 👍!
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    @Root *THIS*!
    I have this impression that many people don't know how to code anymore. All they know is how to glue modules to each other.
    I thinkmy favorite example is people in javascript using jquery and/or lodash. 2 very useless libraries that do only arbitrary stuff (like _.isArray: a wrapper for x && Arrays.isArray( x )), but theyre extremely heavyweight for what little functionality they provide
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    @GodlikeBlock I completely agree.

    I started referring to this as "npm mentality" because of the mindset surrounding it of "reuse, don't rewrite." This exists because of the unspoken belief that "someone else's code is always better," leading projects to use tens of thousands of dependencies. And of course if any one of those breaks...

    It's NPM hell.
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    @GodlikeBlock Same goes for electronics. Everyone knows how to work with breakout boards and can sometimes design a PCB around an IC. Hardly anyone knows the math behind the stuff they do.
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