I missed the opportunity to use this when I took a Word/PowerPoint/Access class in high school. 🤷

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    That wasnt bad imo
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    Suite puns!
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    Just take (One)note of this: I can't Access that level of punniness. My Outlook is to bleak. It won't make it to the Frontpage because I can't find a Publisher willing to post it. Those dad puns Project the penultimate punification of pun-history.
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    Hmpf. I feel stupid. I don't get "Word" 😅....
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    @CptMeatball Slang, and in this case it's meant to confirm he's good. Im not sure how else to define it lol
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    @jhh2450 Thank you kind sir. Have a ++ 🤗
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    @CptMeatball You're welcome! I have to ask my own friends what slang words mean all the time lol
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