Minutes away from Ludum Dare submission closing. Finalizing game build to upload and submit and I get this...!!!


I'm too exhausted to give a shit at this point. Guess I'm out. Still pretty happy with what I managed to make. Had a late start, first LD and I actually managed to make something I guess XD

I'm going to bed T_T

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    Have you tried with a real browser?
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    @TMBSTruth hushh he's sleeping!
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    Maybe try chrome
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    Im sure it is a stupid mistake that u did only becasue ur tired bro. Sleep well u did ur best and u will figure it out easily when ur in better shape.
    Cheers bro and good work
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    @TMBSTruth lol 😂
    Yeah I did. Tried it in Firefox and Chrome too. Don't think it's a browser issue.

    I forgot to change my project to WEB GL and had it set to Desktop the whole time. Maybe something got messed up while Unity was trying to switch the project over.

    Besides that the last change i made was adding a quick game over screen and tbh I half assed that so maybe I just fucked something up. But oh well. Too late now. 😂
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    Yep probably. I said in a another comment that the last thing I added was a simple game over screen. I probably messed up the implementation or something.

    Thanks ^_^
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