Do you guys have tips for job hunting while still employed? My current company doesn't allow sick leaves without medical certificates and doesn't allow simple "headaches". How do you guys make time for interviews?

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    Can't you work everyday like 30 min more? And then add that overtime after your regular break. Will give you some time to do an interview I guess
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    Leave your company already. If you can't take days off or leave because you're sick you shouldn't be there at all. Just my opinion though.
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    I work from home...
    I don’t have to get up from bed.
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    I think using your paid time off would be appropriate since you aren't sick.
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    Schedule several interviews the same day and take a day of vacation. My contract includes 15 minutes of paid leave every day that can be accumulated and spent at your leisure (just like paid vacations), check if your contract has something similar.
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    As people have said, sick leave is the wrong tool for the job. If you need time off work for interviews, then use your vacation/general leave balance. If you don't have any paid time off then take the time unpaid.
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    Yo bossman, a mate of mine needs help mooving. I'll make off the lost time. And other tales.

    Or just fucking tell them as they'll get a call for a reference pretty soon.
    If they ask why, tell them (salary/carrer oportunity/learning/etc.)
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    Lunch breaks. Get stuck in traffic [wink wink]
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