Who the hell puts a recaptcha on a login page? Ecomdash, that's who.
Any Ecomdash devs want to explain this?

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    Its to prevent automated password hacking, eg bruteforce, dictionary attacks, etc
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    But every time you have to login? I could understand requiring a recaptcha after several failed attempts, but everytime just annoys the hell out of me.
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    @drewdevvin is it really so annoying to check a checkbox?

    Requiring a captcha after even one failed attempt can be "bypassed" by testing lots of random usernames with one fixed (common) password, in the hopes of finding a valid combo.

    Every failed username would then have a flag requiring a captcha.
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    The annoying thing is that you to have to wait and not click to early
    .. yes I always click to early, then after a couple of times I have to answer thoose silly questions. :@

    Plus you can't just tab and space to click it.

    Me don't like the mouse
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    @sebastian, check for repeated requests from same address. This approach to security places additional burden on the user, when extra work on our part could also secure them. It could be done without the recaptcha. I've never had to do a recaptcha for login on any other e-commerce site, but I'm sure those sites are equal concerned about security as ecomdash.
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