Can somebody explain why an "industrial" level "learning management system" uses javascript's eval function for their little makeshift calculator?

The existence of Blackboard pains me greatly.

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    I have seen this so often..
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    Blackboard is a piece of shit and that's pretty universal lol

    Thank God it's got a week or so left before my uni ditches it 🙌🏻
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    Glad I don't have to deal with that garbage any longer
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    This one hit home.
    My first JS calculator used eval() too.
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    My school ditched it for instructure 2 years ago. it's 1000x better. perfect, no, but still an excellent platform.
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    Well, "industrial" software (and hardware) is widely known for being unjustifiably expensive, difficult to integrate with and generally shit. So I guess Blackboard fits the mark quite well
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    Haha wow I didn’t know it was THAT bad.
    From memory it also doesn’t trim whitespace from answers. So if you have a quiz with the question: what is 2+2?
    And you enter 4 (with trailing whitespace) you get fucked.
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    @pez-dispenser text boxes are broken. Especially spell check.

    If you type "sype" then replace the s with a t, it'll try to read "ype" as a word and will underline it as a misspelled word
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    I'm working for enterprise. Will quit soon.
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    If you're still in school, consider this a good introduction to the "industry."

    It's like "bank level" security, or other "best practices."
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