Anecdote from when I used to be an apprentice:
Setting: Small company, number of employees -> ε, direct superior is the founder and owner, no tech background

Boss: I've looked at this backup directory of the ERP /* why is he even going through that stuff?*/, it looks messy as hell, I want you to tidy that up
Me: Those are incremental backups, I can't just go and delete some of them, the application manages them by itself
Boss: Get it tidy!

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    Just delete everything 😆
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    @cafecortado Problem was, that ERP was running on a regular PC with all regular consumer grade hardware, that was set up with Windows server 2012, and of course running 24/7. I was scared of that thing dying at some point, which would have left me with the task to set up a new machine and ERP instance with those Backups, that would then be the only left copy of the our sales and stock data.
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    Make a snapshot, then delete everything. When he complains, tell him you can fix it, and restore the snapshot. Then gently explain to him why you shouldn't need with files created by the software, even if they do look messy.
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    @iAmNaN Believe me, I tried to explain it to him.
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    boss: "this windows/system32 looks horrible. delete half of the files, and rename all the others!"
    Do it now!
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    @magicMirror That‘s pretty much how it felt like!
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    Can you lock him out of that machine?
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    @Wolle Nope, he had all the admin rights and only gave me access to certain locations to do my job. Luckily, I don‘t work there anymore.
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