You know you are in silicon valley when you see an ad for redis

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    It ain't wrong. I have yet to see a more performant backend than redis.
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    @bahua Performant indeed, although our experience the inhouse redis servers will sometimes crap out, which in turn leads me to have a a docker local redis on standby.
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    @theuser never had it crap out before but it's quite simple hence the performance increase. Problem is people are using over complicated solutions now adays just because they don't want to make a simple feature.
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    Yeah, I've been using it as the primary backend for several web apps I wrote, and it's always been rock-solid for me. I'm sorry you've had a bad experience.
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    How to achieve transaction serializability?

    Oracle: two phase locking
    Postgres: serializable snapshot isolation
    Redis: actual serial execution 🤷‍♂️

    I love how the dumbest solution is often the correct one.
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    So damn expensive tho. Our 30G redis literally cost $1000 pcm...unless you host it in house which needs so much care and love...
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    It stores values, lists(ordered and unordered), hashes, and other structures. But those first four make it more than capable of everything for which I could possibly need a backend.
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    I've been trying to remember that piece of shit software's name for weeks... Redis. Fucking REDIS! Anyway, thanks man... And congrats on your whatever.
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    I’ve seen this ad and i’m nowhere near silicon valley
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