Somebody asked me my API doc.
I don't have any API at all.

I will lie, and I'll write a swagger specification in few hours and I'll send them.

They will try to read it and understand, and after maybe a week, when they will ask for testing and endpoint I'll pretend to be on holiday for 2 weeks.

3-4 weeks gone already, I checked they should be on holiday by then. Only then, I'll answer with a fake endpoint with fake data.

I'll get another 2 weeks if I'm lucky.
When they discover about fake data, I'll say there is a bug.

In total if I play well, I have 2/2.5 months to implement some kind of API server with some more or less true implementation.

Thanks to Swagger. Swag

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    Someone should turn this into a movie. I get anxious just thinking about it.
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    @ihatecomputers Called something like "Patch me if you can"
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    @possum just take it: 🏆
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    but why?
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    Sorry the /v1/ branch is buggy, /v2/ is almost ready for production.
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    Meanwhile in another company:

    Aww, that sucks, now we have to rewrite parts of our application in order to interface with his API.

    Wait a second, I'll ask him just quick for his API doc, maybe we're lucky and there is no doc or no api in the first place, that'll save us the trouble...
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    @myss because he can
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    @mksana that's probably true!!!
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    ... are you aware you have just outed yourself as that obnoxious thirdparty API guy most of us have complained about on this site at least once?
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    @nothappy well just because one has possibility to do something, doesn't mean he/she should do it - if you buy a gun, should you go running down the street killing people?
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    @Midnigh-shcode yes!!!! I came out of the closet, because I couldn't stand it anymore!!!

    Thing went like this. Some sales guy came and says:
    "we just signed a great new partnership!"
    "we must only integrate their system with our api or something. Do we have api, right?..."
    "...because next week they want to start the integration testing"
    "...hmm...weeeell...let's say we can maybe try something on the test server with one customer"
    "oh good, because by the end of the month we will install 10 thousand"...

    So, I'm sure everybody has somebody to rant about
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