When coding, what percentage of your time is spent fluently typing your code vs thinking about what you're coding?

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    Most of the time thinking maybe
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    90/10 approximately. And mostly even when I write code, I think about it and don't type fast at all.
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    At least 90 % thinking or reading or discussing.

    There are bursts of writing when there is a clear goal but planning pays of in the long run many times over.
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    For me it used to be 90-10, but know I’ve made a real effort to take my time. Before, I used to just vomit into my editor mindlessly, and just go through the bugs one by one until it works. Now, thinking about it before hand, the proportion of code that works correctly first try is much higher.

    I would say now 60-40
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    80% thinking
    20% coding
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    depends on what i'm doing.

    some easy many times before done thing in relative isolation from most other stuff? can be even 100% writing because i manage the thinking fully in parallel as there isn't much of it.

    some actually interesting challenging thing with numerous future implications for how the whole system is built?

    sometimes i step away from thr computer and just draw and think and then delete previous 2 hours of work and start typing over, when i get back, and sometimes this repeats several times until i arrive at a solution/approach that clicks, and then i'm back to the first mode.
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    When I know a language well enough to code what I'd call fluently, probably 50/50.

    When I hardly know my way around something, 1% typing..

    I tend to code in spurts, eg. spend ages figuring out the structure, how it does things, what goes where, all the variables.

    Then rattle out the code that does all of that.

    Then fine tune it. (Or do they call that refactoring these days ?)

    All the time debugging errors, issues.

    Repeat for the next stage, lump.

    If I know a language really really well, and its something short I want, I can just rattle off the code and make up the structure/etc. as I go along. (It's quite fun that..)
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    About 30/70 I guess
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    Last project I broke record for think-coding ratio. And it was my best project ever !! I would propably say 40% thinking , 60 % coding !
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    80% thinking, 10 % coding. The rest is idle.
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