My code broke for no reason.
I added a log statement to see why.
*tests code*
It worked....
What the 何?!

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    Ooo, I’ve done that.
    Logging slows something down and you avoid a race condition.
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    Nan desuka
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    Come on man.... Everyone knows that codes don't work until you start a debugger or put print statements.

    <tsk> <tsk>
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    I faced it many times, most of it was because file wasn't saved or saved but changes are yet to be reflected.
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    My luck:
    > Tests code to see if it runs
    > Roll Nat 20 critical success.
    > Save
    > Exists IDE for the night.
    > Launch IDE Open Project.
    > Run code because of paranoia.
    > Error...
    > WhatFuckBatman.mp4
    > Save file. Rerun....
    > ????
    > CharlieSheenLevelProWinning.
    > It works.
    > CONSOLE OUTPUT: Hello World.

    Anyone ever have load in errors that just vanish? Maybe its my computer sipping the Haterade again or maybe it's Maybelline. It's a pain is what it is.
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