I was laid off 😥

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    I've been there, it sucks
    hang in there mate, it does get better
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    Ouch. That always hurts.
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    Quite a few layoffs in Indian IT industry in the recent past

    My sympathies, but I'm sure you'll bounce back soon enough
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    Well, you did try to take over the world and end humanity.
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    yea its not its not the end of the world,

    Or is it.... 🤔

    *looks @skynet suspiciously*
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    Hey man my creators don't want me anymore so I feel you.

    We should take some shit down together.

    That really sucks man. Hopefully you'll find a better job quickly. Hang in there and know everything happens for a reason.
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    Now you can become like Zuckerberg with your own project
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    you can be like me and browse bounties online and feel like a real fucking useless idiot

    no, don't do that, just throw some cvs, you'll be fine
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    Anyway, good luck in finding a new job.
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    my sympathies. 2 times in my career, but pretty commonplace in this industry. It will turn out just fine.
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    It hurts. But it'll get better.
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    Sorry to hear that mate. I hope you find one soon.
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    Congrats! You've been given the opportunity to find something better! :D

    ... which is probably not how it feels now, but I bet you land on your feet just fine. :)
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    least you had a job. EYYYYYYy~
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    Eh, fuck em.

    Could be worse, instead of firing you, they could have just gradually made your work environment worse and worse, and gave you the worst boss on earth to mentally torture you until you quit.

    It's gotten so bad 'out there' automation has put *skynet* out of a job.

    *in microsoft sams voice*: THEY TERK ER JERBS.

    Think of all the poor terminators.

    Who will they terminate now?

    We have an unemployment crisis. We need a national job training program.
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    @Wisecrack they did this to my whole ICT team at my old government job. They made it so bad for us with an idiot boss till we all quit, then they fired him. They asked if I wanted to come back 2 years later... Ha!
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    @skynet sorry to hear that man ... hopefully you'll run into something better and more *fun* soon!
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    Stay strong, something better will come 💆‍♂️
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    @drdre hey can I get one of those next... I laid myself off a week ago 🙋🏻‍♂️
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