Dear Quora

I logged out of your site because somehow you had me logged in and I don't like being tracked.

In the future, don't be petty by reloading all my OTHER tabs the moment you detect im logged out, intentionally breaking/disabling the backbutton, and then demanding I log back in.



- unsubscribed from your useless god damn spam emails.

If I can't even fucking read your site after logging out, like I USED to be able to, and you go so far as to detect my log out on OTHER tabs, disable/break the backbutton on all the OTHER tabs, and reload the page, then your site is useless as dogshit to me.

If I were the CEO of the executive who made this dumbfuck marketing decision I would fire him.

And then spitefuck his wife to drive home the message of how god damned fired he is.

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    Awful site, truly
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    Theres tons of other seriously rotten decisions/functionality on that site, so that I don't use it anymore. If I remember, going back refreshes the story list, so you cant find the other stories you wanted to open.

    That, and fifty quadrillion Indians posting there. I dont mind Indians per se, but for fucks sake, really?

    Use actual English, not your retarded autistic variant of it. Dont use Hindi or whatever when posting there. Do you see me using my fucking native language there? I dont care about your fucking random references to something that only other Indians would understand. You are not the center of the world, nor the only people in it.
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    Spot on rant.
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