Hey guys :D So, finally I have to build a website for a service. That means setting up a server and all that stuff...
What servers do you recommend? Also service for DNS?
Thanks :D

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    I recommend caddy (Let's encrypt is used automatically) as a server.
    Unfortunately you have to compile it yourself for commercial use.
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    Recommendations without context are useless. Is the project build with scalability in mind? Buget limits? Are cloud providers like AWS, GCP applicable? How much traffic do you have to handle? A thousand, or a a million clicks a day? etc. etc.
    If it's a big project and you do have to ask here, you probably should have some kind of mentor within the project. If it's rather small, start out with some vps. Maybe throw in cloudfare etc. If you feel adventurous, go with some S2 bucket, or EC2 instance + cloudfront
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    more info please!
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    @Kimmax seconded.
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    Please avoid cloudflare.
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    Window servers.
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    your old android phone from 2014 that sits in your drawer will do 😄
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    @Root I'm curious, why should Cloudflare be avoided?
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    @Paralax I'm curious as well. I use cloudflare only as dns (not as mitm) and it works quite good
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    @Jifuna Cloudflare as DNS only is fine. Cloudflare as a MITM is scary.
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    @Root Yeah, I agree
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    Sorry, been configuring a server.
    It's a basic information site, only html 5, nothing special.
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    Can those run 24/7 on mains power without issues ?

    I seem to remember years ago reading about phones getting fire creating if ran like that.

    So, maybe put it in a brick box, rather than a draw. :-)
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    @GyroGearloose https://www.netlify.com/

    @Nanos i don't know i wasn't serious about the phone server 😄
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    I actually had a server running for 2 years in a old android phone, with a webapp for work. never lagged, worked just fine. But I don't want to open my home network to the outside...
    Had a vps, got hacked... Just for a website? To much trouble.
    A cheap server with a cheap dns is what I need, must handle at least php and mysql..
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