Today was Mother's Day. Everybody was posting their photos with their mothers, so I had to stay away from social networks for today to not feel sad.

It's been almost a year without mine, really miss her.

I love her, and I never showed her how much. I've not been the best son a mother could have, I'm so sorry for that. She thought me how to be strong, she was the strongest, but I'm feeling so weak now without her.
Please never miss a chance to let your mother know how much you love her, give her a hug whenever you can, talk to her every time you need somebody to talk to, listen to her stories from when she was your age. She's the most precious person you'll ever have in your life. I realized that when it was too late, don't make my mistake.

I miss you mum ❤

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    I feel you. Lost my mom a year ago, and recently visited a friend who just lost his...
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    that was touching, thank you for sharing
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    Sorry for your loss man :(
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    Sorry for your loss... :/
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    @michezio Sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for sharing 👍
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    Sorry to hear that. But thank you for sharing this. You are always welcome in this community :) - this is by far not a replacment for your mom but you are under crazy people like yourself ;)
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    I feel you.. I recently lost my grandma who was like a mother to me and she basically raised me and my brother..
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    I am a hundred percent sure your mama knew how much you love her and in her eyes you weren’t a bad son to her either. That’s because she saw you through her eyes, the ones of a loving mother, and not yours. Sorry for your loss. Don’t forget she’ll always be with you nonetheless.
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    I know that feel. Mine’s been gone almost 5 years. It gets a little easier each passing year but I’ll always miss her. Because of certain personal experiences I’ve had with it, I believe strongly in the afterlife. She’s there. She can see you and she knows your thoughts and feelings for her. You can even talk to her, if you want. And she can respond if you listen with your mind and heart.
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