Whatever you post, some people will still get offended. -_-

  • 14
    did you just assume my reaction?

  • 7
    Now I'm offended!
  • 6
    @Linux Did you just assume i assumed your reaction?
  • 4
    Excuse me? Fucking rantist.
  • 1
    @possum Man I read it with his accent in my head LOL
  • 3
    Wow it's 2019 and people are still being piece of shit bigots like you.

  • 5
    Did you just assume my gender??!
  • 5
    not EVERYONE always gets offended 😡
  • 7
    The problem is we/you are giving importance to people that are "offended" for shits.

    I guessed wrongly your helicopter gender? Sorry dude, but don't start yelling and winning like the little beeetch u are
  • 2
    You can’t please everyone, you can only delete the tweets before it offends too many people.
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