I opened a Facebook account for my mum.

Fast forward 6 months, and I had to close down my own account because she was stalking me there

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    Aww... that sucks 😒
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    You could’ve simply blocked her
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    No I couldn't
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    @FuckJava why? She’d probably understand if you explained it
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    No she wouldn't.
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    Who uses facebook nowadays anyway - anybody I knew there now has family and kids ... or is beyond 30.

    There is only one alternative: the own 404-website. (not GeoCities, not mySpace, no SnapChat, no Twitter, no WhatsApp ...)

    because, then you're unreachable if you want. Just to ensure ... dont answer the mobile too fast. let them wait. you're important. you call back later. Thats the way it works.
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    I created FB account for my grandma but she started tagging me on her posts whenever we were out for some family dinner sending our location to everyone. Blocked her
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    If you block her is not nice and she'll notice.... Just put her in a limited list, she can still see you profile and message you, but she'll not see your updates
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    I don't use Facebook
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    I totally understand this. Almost the same happened with me. 😂
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    bring her over to devrant
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    What did you think was going to happen? A mums world revolves around her child.
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