Everyone's asleep.

I'm not tired, and coding sounds like the best thing ever right now. Figured out a solution to that blocking architecture issue, too. So: headphones on, blare Amon Amarth and Disturbed, bring up editor. It's time to work on that side project!

Best night in months.

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    Amon Amarth is life. My productivity increases by a factor of 3 when listening to it
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    ++ for Disturbed.

    Music and coffee solves everything!
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    BTW, there's a new Rammstein album out 🤔
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    Feature is done.
    Time for bed!
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    Massive respect for Amon amarth we are going to hang out
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    Amon Amarth! \m/
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    Currently I think the graphic and brutal , yet gripping and emotional description of the last moments of the viking dying in Miklagard (now Russia) is perhaps some of the strongest lyrics out there, perfectly matched with the utter rage of the music.

    That combo really tells a tale so sad, about never seeing home again, while at the same time screaming death in the face, bidding the devil to dance.

    Of course I am talking about Runes to my memory.
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    Mosh pits
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    So silly these mosh pits
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    @FrodoSwaggins The only Dream Evil song I like is "in the book of heavy metal." They made it in, but just barely.
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