My soul cringes a bit every time some smart ass decides to put "Smart" before the product name.
As though nothing means smart as much as digging your own hole.

More broadly, the whole whole world is buying into this "smart" mantra. As if anything and everything that existed before was not smart. Basically "I'm the best" attitude. Don't forget that you can see far only because you're standing on the shoulders of giants.

Case in point:
1. Smart phone which is smart enough to start causing trouble after a couple of years.
2. Smart watch
3. Smart car
4. Smart planes
5. Smart home
Fucking non sense

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    Obligatory Smart comment.
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    You ain't wrong. But think of it this way. The average joe does not understand touch interface with a mobile operating system.

    Smart is easier for them
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    Agreed. I personally believe that no piece of technology can be "smart." It simply does what it is told to do by its programmers - and that can only go so far. Following a set of instructions does not make an inanimate object smart.

    I'm just pedantic though. Take the things I say with a shaker of salt.
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    Next on the list, Smart Hello World and Smart ToDo apps!
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    Smart car.

    Seriously, I'd burn every one of those if I could. I have an irrational hatred of them.
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    What about the smart asses, who just need "solution" in their companies name ? Or in department-names or in d team-names ...

    like "Software Solutions" or "Business Solutions"...

    My Favorite: "Smart Solutions" - would just make the day of those smart asses....
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    I think smartphone is kind of a logical step in the sequence of naming;
    - phone: does phoning
    - car phone: does phoning in a car
    - mobile phone: does phoning (and texting!) in many places (and can even have things like snake game and calendar)
    - feature phone: does phoning and runs custom applications, like even a web browser
    - smartphone: does all the things and can do much of it by it self; also capable of phoning

    Of course maybe PDA would be more fitting, but that name is taken for something less "smart" 😕
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    Smart rant.
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    smart XYZ == it spies on you.
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    @Root well. Me too. It's getting ridiculous.
    "Release early and release often" crowd didn't get the memo that it's a bad idea to apply it to planes, trains and cars.
    Personally, I'm horrified at seeing how much the balance sheet dictates decision making. Forget morality, did the 6 letter word ethics mean anything any more...
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