Here's a life hack for you.

If you're ever in need of a whiteboard for drawing/sketching, grab a few white a4 paper sheets, a roll of transparent duct tape, tape both sheets together side-by-side. Cover both sheets with tape

et voila! You have yourself a portable & foldable whiteboard!
The more sheets you involve, the bigger the whiteboard will be :)

P.S. It's very handy!!

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    or if you're too lazy to tape up a whole A4, let alone several: use a plastic sleeve to cover the sheet, repeat and tape together for extensibility. But the plastic sleeves are indeed less likely to be already lying around in your office
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    or grab toilet paper and make a whiteboard mummy
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    This has to be a joke...

    This is like drinking your own piss when you're a foot away from a water fountain. There are paper sized white boards for like $10 that don't involve spending $25 in take and 30 minutes making the damn thing.

    ...and you can simply laminate a piece of paper, no? Or place it in a plastic sleeve?? Why a fucking role of tape? Lmao
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    @AlgoRythm the point is that you can make it bigger.
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    That reminds me, I've two whole walls to decorate..
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    you are just to lazy for 4A0 (4m²)
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    @AlgoRythm different properties, different durability ;)

    and nope, not a joke. Works great for me :)

    and one might not have an open shop nearby. Esp the one that has laminated sheets to buy
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    @netikras do you think this is suitable for transporting the notes on the board?
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    @Lor-inc i've tried it. It works pretty well. Depending on transportation method [how much movement is there], you might preserve the whoke drawing. I manage to preserve 97%+ by driving it folded in my bag on my car's back seat
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    Erase with side of hand
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    Use an online tool for whatever kind of notes you do.

    Diagrams, mind maps, text
    i guarantee you can maintain 100% integrity and if you use the right tool it will be fast as fuck.
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    @mundo03 Tried all sorts of things, still nowhere near as convenient as writing by hand, and with brainstorming the only thing that matters is to keep up with my thoughts. I even wrote a tiny online whiteboard myself just to test different input methods but none seemed to work. The least bad was a very big and scrollable touchscreen, but it's expensive.
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    @Lor-inc mind maps are exactly for brainstorming.

    Everyhting that happens in the pc has a learning curve.

    You could also try a wiki, I found wikis work similar to How I think: I get distracted on random words, so I can kink that word to another topic :D

    But I do get your point, I always carry a couple of notebooks.
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    FX [ Nods in complete agreement. ]

    I'm going to explore VR and see if that can be useful in that area.

    Though I may have to wait for augmented VR because in normal VR you can't see the keyboard !

    I have a touchscreen, but I find without twin cursors it isn't as useful as I had hoped.

    So far its only purpose seems to be for scrolling documents up and down !
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