I quit smoking yesterday.

By a coincidence I had a pack of cigarettes named “Kresty” – the brand from russian prison.
Just gave it to Stephen Paul Taylor. There’s no reason to smoke again, just don’t want to loose this kind of story.

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    Congrats man! As a person who despises the act of smoking fir a few reason I can say i'm really happy for you!
    A teacher of mine said something quite a while ago "I quit smoking after I realized I was paying through the nose so I could smell like a dead cat"
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    Also, if I may ask, what made you quit?
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    @fuck2code I’m the fixed gear rider and a runner, so when I started I immediately noticed the slight heart and lungs degradation. I also started to loose the sense of smell

    Now I can tell everyone that “I’ve quit smoking by giving my last pack of cigarettes to Stephen Paul Taylor” and if I smoke again, the story will be gone. I don’t want this to happen
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    Smoking is a prison, but over the small prison sits a bigger prison, you know, Matryoshka. Congrats on escaping one layer 👍
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