Fuck America. Fuck Google. They're just worried about the dominance of Huawei.

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    It's a trade war. That's why nobody speaks about the backdoors in Cisco products or whatever data Windows 10 is uploading.
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    That "vulnerability" in the Intel chips? Bet you anything that was someone's back door until it was outed. In all fairness to the people concerned about Huawei, there is a complete lack of transparency, and trying to say with a straight face that the PLA don't have their thumb on what is going on is pretty naive. The PRC has no accountability to anyone. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Sinophile, but 99% sure they put back doors in the hardware that is pushed out the door for mass consumption, especially export. What major nation is not going to do that?
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    @iAmNaN I don‘t think that any country in the EU does it 😅we r way to honest about that stuff ...
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    @iAmNaN just like eternal blue was developed by the NSA, you can bet they were behind Meltdown and Spectre too.
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    @mojo2012 EU stays above the fray by not making anything.
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    @platypus The EU is like IE.
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    Lol it cracks me up seeing people sad for Huawei.
    Whose team are you on? The western world or the communist dictatorships? I mean both is fine I guess but I find it cynical to root for the communist dictatorships while enjoying their human rights and freedom in the west.

    Edit: I get it, this is about a tech company. But see the bigger picture here, China would love to snap the leadership position from the western world when given a chance. What we have achieved has come with hard work, blood and tears. Stuff like human rights and freedom aren't a given, if anything they're an anomaly and must be protected to last.
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    @Froot exactly!
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