Yay! Finally got my first job in IT.

They call it just "IT admin/sysadmin", but it's... eh..
What I do is make sure the servers work (sysadmin part) and make desktop/mobile apps. So far, the company seems to be quite nice, there are already 4 devs who are friendly. *knocks on wood*

Will see how it goes, and I'd like to thank you for sharing your stories. Learned quite a lot from them!

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    Sysadmin plus desktop/mobile app dev is something I've not heard of
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    @asgs Me neither. I just gave them my CV, sent my github profile and such. HR, few devs and other IT lad checked it and they were like "well, after the tests you seem like you actually know something. sysadmin part is ok, you'll be doing that if we need a backup, but you can choose between being sysadmin, coding - 'cuz we need a software for xyz or both." So I took both and can change it anytime.
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    GL, hope its the place you‘ve been seeking for 🌑
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    I'm currently unemployed and have been looking for a job like this for months! I even have IT experience and I still can't get anyone to call me back... You're super lucky, dude.
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    @RiderExMachina I was really lucky. Finished school literally this Friday and found a job in IT like 4 hours later with only side projects-ish experience.

    Then there's another thing. Shortage of Devs in our country. They start bunch of projects, leave it buggy or unfinished and leave. They pay way too little and I can continue the down the list for hours. Got lucky. Really lucky.
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