Developers who think spaces are better than tabs.

Seriously every editor other than Notepad lets you set how many spaces a tab is equal to. Stop trying to force your stupid 2 space tabs on me.

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    Holy shit I'm not the only one!!! That said, I am actually now running into a lot of spacing issues because tabs were used instead of spaces. At least VS lets you have tabs auto replaced with spaces.
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    haha I do just the opposite and replace the spaces with tabs. I just don't understand the logic though. tabs were designed for this!
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    Because spaces always mean the same thing. That is literally the only reason.

    I have a code base I have to edit across 3 editors because I am at a point in my life where I am experimenting with masochism. I can tell where tabs were used because of how hard the code is to read.
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    @projektaquarius that sounds terrible. I'd do some serious sed or find/replace on that codebase
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