hey guys, i was recently appointed to be devops engineer in a company. i did want to be a software developer though but they chose me for devops because my lack of java knowledge and a bit knowledge of linux and stuff.
my question for u guys is that... is devops good? for future career as well.
i m quite afraid to be honest, wouldn't want to have made a bad career decision. 😅😅
i must admit i have always enjoyed programming and hence i am worried in devops.

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    "devops engineer"


    Do they have "agile engineers" as well? "lean engineers"?
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    DevOps is a pretty good field to be in. It's a fast-growing field and it's in pretty high demand. Multiple different paths for advancement (you could become a project manager, systems architect, manager, developer, etc.) It depends on the company you work for but generally it's a good place to be.
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    @netikras umm... ok what do u call it then?
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    @EmberQuill i really hope so, would suck to have made a bad career decision literally in the beginning 😅😅
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    get the O'Riley DevOps Book

    also it's very important to stay up-to-date with the progress in that ever evolving field.

    AWS Newsletter

    Google Cloud Newsletter

    MS Azure Newsletter

    Kubernetes News

    Ansible Blog

    Puppet Blog

    And your programming skills are still useful for automating stuff.

    A great place to learn more about containers and Continous Integration is KataCoda. https://www.katacoda.com/learn

    good luck!
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    @heyheni thanks a lot for the resources! will be very very helpful.
    what do u personally think of devops though?
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    It's great if you enjoy it.
    I do not.
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    @Root may i ask why do u not like it?
    i haven't decided if i like it or not yet 😅😅
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    @Electrux I like tools 😄

    by the way did you know continous integration can be used to translate an app contiously into other languages automaticly? It's called Continous Localization. for example: https://www.serge.io
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    @heyheni ooh awesome!! thanks for telling!
    also, that localization thing is freaking cool 😱😱😎😎😍😍
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    @Electrux yeah i showed serge to the marketing department and at first they didn't understand it. But as soon as they did, marketing were amazed as they realized how much time they could save not having to deal with the translation agency via phone and email.
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    @heyheni wow they must call u a hero by now 😁😁😎
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    @Electrux It's a different kind of problem solving. I love code; I don't love configuration. I don't love automating configuration with code, either.
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    @Root well, i love code too... i dunno if i love config or not yet... i hope i do though, otherwise this will just become an annoying job 😅
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    @Electrux depends on what you do in that role
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    @netikras i have no idea yet
    for now, we r given training modules (currently linux)
    i think there will b automation, hadoop clusters, server setup, and so on 🤔
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    @Electrux so then a build and automation engineer?
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    @netikras maybe? to b honest m just a trainee for now and will b properly assigned the true devops role once it is complete, but for the sake of this discussion, let's go with build and automation engineer 🤔
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    @Electrux don't worry, I get that fighting windmills is more likely to be successful than fighting misused buzzwords.

    It just triggers me. Badly.
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    @netikras fair enough 😂😂😂
    so what do u think? 😅
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    @netikras intermediate bullshit to SRE

    climb that ladder!
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    @Electrux I know I wouldn't go for it.

    This so called DEVOPS ROLE can cover virtualy anything. Devops mindset covers the whole dev-to-prod pipeline, including sysadmins, build, automation, qa, perf testing, deployment, monitoring and so on and so forth.

    What is it your role is going to involve - I don't know. Neither do you nor anyone in dR. The only people who DO know work at that company.

    I wouldn't sign up for such a vague, generic role. Automation - I love it, all in. Servers build and mgmt - cool. Hadoop - wait wat? And umpteen other yet unknown scopes you'll have to cover... Not only this sounds overwhelming, but also inefficient [delivery-wise] and exhausting [dozens of context switches throughout the day across unrelated areas].

    I see it as 2nd line service desk. Dealing with everything. No actual clear area of expertise.

    But hey, that's just me. Maybe you'll dig it :)
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    @netikras for now we r in training, however, once the specific training is completed, we will b working on a specific tech stack only, not the entire gamut...
    for example, a senior who works with me is specifically a hadoop guy, while my supervisor is exclusively into automation 🤔
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    @jinx i have no idea what u said
    but i will climb the ladder, thanks 😅😁
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    - an attempt to save some $ by hiring one devops engg instead of 5 opses, 1 automation engg, loads of other specialists. And shoving all those different by nature and area of expertise tasks on a poor newcomer's shoulders

    - a nice buzzword in a job ad
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    @Electrux oh boy..

    >"hey, I need this automation fixed. Who do I talk to?"
    < "devops lads"

    > "hi devops, can you fix xyz automation? I hear you own them"
    <"yes, we own automations, but our automation specialist, Jack, is on sick leave this month"

    >"but you are.. Devops.. You should be one team..., I shouldn't care which one of you should I talk to... Shouldn't you be one team, work all as one and all be equally responsible for all the domains covered by your role...?"

    windmills again... :) sorry, I had to
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    @netikras ... yea m officially scared now 😅😅
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    @Electrux see, that's the thing :)
    one team of devops I've worked with were doing automations, server mgmt and monitoring.

    Another got rebranded from ~TOOLS~.

    Third was doing almost everything except cloud-related stuff.

    Every company has their own understanding of what devops role is.

    But devops is not a role in the first place... Hence the uncertainty and diversity.

    We'll see, maybe your company won't overload you. But I pitty those who have to work with your team 😁 the delivery model sounds very ambiguous
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    @netikras i guess... well, we'll only know when i actually get the work 😅
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    @Electrux good luck 😁
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    @netikras thanks 😁
    although, m terrified of this decision now 😅😅
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    @Electrux good. My work's done here.

    Off to another rant now! 😁😁
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    @netikras It definitely does depend on the company you work for. I'm a "DevOps Engineer" but in reality all we do is cloud infrastructure deployment and automation. They call us DevOps Engineers because they like buzzwords. They also call us the "SRE Team" for the same reason.
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    @Electrux yeah climb that corporate ladder!

    🎵 NMesh - Climing the Corporate Ladder

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    @netikras I prefer the title Project Implementation and Maintenance Professional
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    @devTea thanks 😁😁
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    DevOps is all the rage lately but do you like it enough to get good at it? I would like to enter this field but it seems too challenging.
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    @jsframework9000 well, being in devops since 4 months, i'd say that it is fun for sure, but not for me. I live to write code, so i'll probably not last long here. But again, the field is fun and depending on the organization, sufficiently easy to get into 😁
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