I am trying to learn creating games for android (+- 0 android expirience).

I figured I could use GoDot for it's awesome pricing (free, no strings attached).

I've done few minor things, but, to be perfectly honest, I'm fed up of GDscript. I just internally hate it more every single time I touch it, so recently I stopped attempts to learn doing games for droid/iOS.

I'm looking for free alternative to godot, preferably no strings attached, but wahtever... Here is what I need:
- I prefer code, but doing stuff in GUI is fine, but stuff like making level etc, preferably in UI
- C++ derrived syntax (ex. c# etc. c++ is fine too), no BS like some wacky workaround to do basic shit like 2d array....
- easy android/iOS export (like in godot, one day I was attempting to hello world in android and compiling for first time... was quite an advanture)
- objects
- some easy way for restfull apis
Good to have:
- ability to test project without android VM
- observer pattern (signals/slots)

I don't care what structure it's made, for me milion of scenes on one screen was extremly coutner-intuitive but meh, whatever. As long as it's possible to learn, it is fine.

Can devranters help, please?


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    GoDot is great, because it is not only free (as in cost) but it is also free as in freedom.
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    You can use c# with godot
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    Dude, I know, but hold on for a second.

    I tried. I tried really hard.

    But I failed to not be pissed every single time I open anything GDscript related.

    Sorry, GDscript is not for me. If there is anything else in GoDot that I can use AND it works with mobile, Im back in godot. For now, too much frustration.

    I didn't say that godot is bad in general. It's just not for me.
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    but not for mobile.
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    Oh, totally forgotten about unity... While not free without strings attached, it should do. Maybe someone has other ideas, but thx for reminding me it exists.
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    @irene it's free?

    Okay, that's big "the more you know" for me. I love idea but seems overkill
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    @irene Okay, I educated myself about it. Yeah, you are right. Altho it doesn't seem to good for beginners (altho I much prefer c++ over c# which adds to confusion if unity or unreal)

    sooo.. yeah.

    Thanks for help guys. Learning unreal has free tier was quite expirience.

    Thx reminding me unity is around. IDK where my brain was. apparently in godot ;-;
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    Look for stuff that get the job done, free as in 0 price should be a secondary concern because you'll almost invariably end up spending a lot of time on it and if you can pay to decrease that, it's usually well worth it because your time is super valuable (even money wise).

    (I'll second unity though if you hated gdscript)

    Free as in freedom is a different thing though.
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    Mostly I mean to learn do stuff..

    If I learn making something actually worthy selling I dont mind roaylties/fees/paying for tool that allowed to make money in the first place.
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    Na that no problem, you are free to think that :)

    I am just glad that you gave it a try!

    Btw, have you asked the communities for help regarding it?
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    Well, to be frank.

    Basic stuff like making 2d array is primitive in all languages I written in. Except GDscript.

    see, usually i would define it let's say

    ObjectType myarray[width][heighth];

    in one language, in other I would have it dynamic, but for gdscript, there is around milion of quirks per line of code. That's the most primitive example of what I mean. How you define 2d array in godot?

    First, I make some singleton global object (that accessing is weird also but whatever) and add this function:

    func mkarray(w, h):
    var map = []

    for x in range(w):
    var col = []

    return map

    Than I call this function. Only more hidieous way of handling it I think is possible in assembly. But it's fine, becouse assembly is assembly. It's ment to be high level language, so I shouldnt worry about these quirks.

    Sure, everything is google'able. But it is just.. such.. annoying... pain when nothing works as I expect....
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    Oh, and gdscript wont tell you "hey it's not something you can do in this language" or it wont say "hey, that looks like syntax error or whatever"

    I get the most unrelated message I think I could get.

    But im not here to rant about godot. Too frustrated on this topic (frustrated, not pissed off though) and I could go on. But meh.

    That's why I seek alternatives.
    Also my brain cannot process whitespace-dependant code properly. Even if {} would be pure cosmetic I would add them becouse otherwise I just dont see how stuff works.... IDK, got used to this characters hard way I guess...
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    function name?

    Becouse I googled it out and apparently that's how you make simple 2d array. I just didnt bother about function body too much seeing how annoying of workaround it is. Just renamed function name to make it clear in my code...
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    what's in lib, it's in lib. noone cares about arbitrary piece of code.
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    I dont feel like maintaining random snippets* of basic stuff like "how to make 2d array" so I load up it into global object all I find usefull and try to not look into this file when I really dont need to...

    *random snippets found on internet
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