I just finished up an absolute cesspool of a project. I was seriously reconsidering a career change to something less stressful, like welding on a high-rise building, or capturing Somali pirates.

Next project is supposed to be a walk in the park, and probably still will be.

MGR: You're starting a new project next week. Prismic for the CMS, and NextJS.
ME: Oh, okay, cool. Well, let me get up to speed on Prismic and Next since I haven't used either of those.
Spent some time last week - easy enough, nothing really new/ground breaking here.

Sprint 0.5 Kick off meeting today
MGR: By the way, we're still using Prismic for the CMS, but we're gonna go ahead and use Gatsby instead of Next.
Me: ... *facepalm

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    "...capturing Somali pirates. "
    Lol, allow me to join your crew!
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    Don't tell me your manager is in charge of picking languages and frameworks without investing any development time themselves?
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    Capturing somali pirates sounds fun as fuck.

    The only problem with working in offices is the complete lack of excitement.
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    @Wisecrack You're preaching to the choir on that one. I'm considering finishing my criminal justice degree so I can become a reserve police officer. I need some excitement in my work life.
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    You can train yourself and your mind to love, enjoy, and crave conflict.
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