Twice today I've spoken up in meetings and was totally ignored. I guess my idea wasn't even worth a reply? :-/

Five minutes later: oh, right, I forgot I'd muted myself.

- @bradfitz

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    This has happened to me too, although in person, and on many occasions.
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    Shotcalled like a champ in Overwatch for like half a match
    Found out later that my mic was on mute and my team was yelling at me for not responding on comms lol
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    @irene yeah, that's definitely worse.

    I used to work in a call center and someone got fired for shouting "MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT!" loud enough that other callers could hear him. The icing on the cake was that he'd forgotten to mute himself and was talking to someone important. Manager immediately walked over to his desk and dragged him into a conference room and he was gone the next day
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    @Root in person?! 😂
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    @irene someone was taking a leak w/o muting his headset :) dunno which is worse: that or swearing...
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    @dr-ant Not funny.
    Degrading and absolutely infuriating.
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    Haha. Happened to me also. I was getting irritated that they kept ignoring me.
    At the end I noticed I was muted
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    @Root ah. I don't know why I didn't get it first. I thought you meant you were on mute in person without realizing it. I imagined you cursing silently. ðŸĪŠ
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    @dr-ant Oh, I do that all the time 😅
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    bluejeans push-to-talk is the best improvement to meetings lately hahah

    having lunch on a call while bothering nobody, oh
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    @M1sf3t lol that must be fun.
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    @M1sf3t lol
    I don't have that luxury. If I stay quiet, someone will definitely rope me in the discussion. Then I will have to politely and carefully explain why the basis of their "discussion" is pointless and how stupid they all are. I deal with very fragile egos on the regular and despite my attempts I somehow offend them. But the good thing is they exclude me from the discussion as a result. They go ahead and do their thing and when it fails I do what had to be done all along and by that time it's to embarrassing and awkward for anyone to address the fact that I was right, so it gets ignored.
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    @M1sf3t oh I keep my mouth shut. But eventually I'm asked something and I have to let it all out.
    But don't let someone else's dumbness discourage you from learning to be politely assertive. Imo, you should always strive to be polite. There's a chance that someone is not being a dick on purpose.
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    @M1sf3t lol that emoji illustration.
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    wonder if that happened to someone and he never found out he was on mute :)
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    Depends on the software used and the people you've spoken with, someone might actually tell you that you're on mute (although that might be only if they're expecting you specifically to talk).
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    @Root why did you mute, in person? 😀
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    That shit can hurt your self-esteem, take care of yourself
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    My mixer always turned the audio quality to absolute garbage whenever I logged out and back in on Windows. Always needed to restart the mixer afterwards. Oh the surprised voices of ppl when I suddenly didnt sound like a Jet engine with speech paralysis.
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