I work at company that uses Drupal for everything. And i mean EVERYTHING. Our dumb CTO once even wanted us to join tender for flight data collection system... of course it would run on fucking drupal...

Yeah i can see its advantages but it has learning curve the shape of the snail shell and if you want it to do something new you either find module for it or drupal will start crying, shits itself and tell you to go fuck yourself.. also it is full of surprises to make your day as miserable as possible, like you send variable as $content['varname'] to user template and it returns as $user_profile['varname']['value']... and yes user template has $content array for content but why use it for storing content that i want to render.. it is used for other content to render... because in drupal content != content...

I started using laravel for my freelance projects and it took my less than 2 week to get up to speed and start working and is incredible fast to work in... You know.. its fun when you want to just add feature you just code that feature into your app.. and not spend 2 fucking years crawling through retarded preprocess functions...

Whenever i try to suggest we use other frameworks.. "Muh drupal has MODULES".. yeah because drupal is the only thing in universe that has modules.. When client has only need for simple site with simple template why use wordpress and have it done in 2 days when you can use drupal have 10 000 unnecessary DB queries that drupal does on every page load to load page title and make that site in a week.. or why use laravel for e-shop with specific functionality requested by client that would take 2 weeks to add in laravel when you can spend 2 months modifing uber-cart or drupal commerce modules only to hit some Drupal core surprise that wont allow for that feature to be implemented...

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    and it's pretty horrible to ut content into it. Spent 12 hours copy pasting copy text into just 6 sub sites.

    don't you want to change the job or do freelance fulltime?
    or both www.remoteok.io
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    @heyheni I plan on doing that in future.. im trying to get as many clients as possible... also funny drupal feature (not that it is the only one) drupal to validate and submit form has to reload page 2 times.. so dynamic forms or dynamic products with add to cart button cant be implemented because if drupal loads page and that submitted form is not there.. it wont do anything.. only option is ajax submit it...
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    Same company, same problems dude. Still didn't get design from graphic guy... Still angry at project manager
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