Oh. My. God.

Boss JUST NOW after months of development has told me that anything the user sees needs to be i18n wrapped

*Bangs head on desk*

Why wasn't I told this?
Why isn't it this way anywhere else in the code?! Wtf!

Lol at least today will be laid back and easy, albeit tedious

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    @irene i18n, a common way of signaling online that said person is over the legal age and available for sex
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    @irene it is one of the main used internationalization standards

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    @irene multilanguage localization

    @anolis have a look at https://serge.io
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    @heyheni thanks for the reference, fortunately it is built into CakePHP
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    I'm actually more surprised that in 2019 there's new software developed *not* supporting i18n.
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    @VaderNT it boggles my mind that this wasn't brought up during any of the talks I've had with the team, I'm the new dev on the project and .. yea idk seems like something important to mention lol
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    @anolis continous localization is not about i18n directly. It's a tool to automate the content translation process via git and continous integration.

    After programmaticly adding the source copy into the git repo it automaticly assigns the text directly to different translation bureaus / or a machine translator like https://www.deepl.com/docs-api.html . After translation it puts the translation back into CakePHP / digital product automaticly. So no more manual copy pasting into a crm.

    It saves marketing / the content creator hours and money as the don't have to deal with translating agencies by email.

    also in combination with www.percolate.com it let's marketing plan the content and send it to translation with one click via continous localization like serge.io.
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    @heyheni this is fantastic info! Thanks!
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