Compiling software on Linux:

Python interpreter? Easy peasy, just some dependencies here and there. Make does a good job.

Linux kernel? Piece of cake, 20 years of development will be freshly served on your machine after one hour compiling (I have a pretty powerful computer).

Tensorflow? Fuck this shit I am outta.

What is your story with self-built software? Which piece of code has the most terrible dependency hell?

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    I needed SRECORD for handling some intel hex files. Looked up their webpage. Found teenage level Windows scorning. Had Cygwin installed. Shit didn't compile. Ever more dependencies for a fucking hex file handler, and still errors.

    The docs contained gems like 32 data bytes per line as default - and mocking about stupid EPROM programmers that can only handle 16 bytes. WTF you idiots, then set this as default because it FUCKING WORKS!

    Finally, I figured that their software was probably as mature as their humor, ditched that piece of shit and wrote a tool myself. With 16 data bytes per line, obviously.
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    @Haxk20 then where did the first kernel come from? ;-)
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    It's been 15 years or so since I compiled my own kernel, but it never took more than 15-20 minutes, on so-so hardware. Are you not using the -j flag?
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    Or a "activate every unnecessary option"-configuration
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    kernels are pretty hard to crosscompile for other platforms. Especially when it's actually an initramfs with a fuckton of other shit installed and it's going on a series of asymmetric-dual-processor systems with vastly different hardware capabilities per model AND requires a touchscreen keyboard at all times on a second screen and...

    yeah it's the 3DS
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