Are there any fellow devranters who have shitty working memory and have trouble focusing? Basically people who have ADHD/ADD? I got into programming because I love solving problems and am able to hyperfocus for weeks on projects, but outside of work life seems to be a mess :/ Can't even remember simple facts if they don't interest me (don't have that much dopamine).

Could you share some advices on how you managed to treat ADHD/ADD or basically improve your memory?

I mean there is the obvious: sleep, exercise, good nutrition (cutting out dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, smoking).

But maybe there are other ways to do this without using drugs such as ritalin/concerta?

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    I just try to work around it, mostly by taking lots of notes, also when I make an appointment I instantly put it in my calendar app.

    The list you provided yourself would be a great start, I would add reducing stress and spending time with friends.
    Besides exercising physically it can also help to exercise your brain; learn an instrument or a language, play chess, use brilliant.org.
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    I don't have ADHD but still my memory sucks ass. I always note everything in my Nextcloud. But not sure if I would recommend that. If you write it down, you tell your brain to forget it, because youv'e written it down. Maybe it's just best to practise practise practise
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    I have genetic ADHD, and Software Development is the perfect job for me!

    As for life, try to find a specialist for neuro feedback training. It's costing quite a bit, but for me it worked wonders.
    I haven't had the need for Meds for 13 years now. ☺️
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    Caffeine is actually proven to help you focus. From someone who has ADHD and has taken various prescriptions since I was 6 years old. Caffeine helps you focus because it’s a stimulant. Also I stopped taking prescriptions 6 years ago and it’s been proven to work.
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    Anxiety here. I've found I need to foci. Both the programming and another focus like music works well.
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    This is cliche, but get exercise, especially cardio. I have the worst brain fog, and running solves it (and and I use to hate running).

    The rush of oxygen is a bonus, but the body reacts to cardio with increased production of endorphins and dopamine. It's not something you can actually quantify, but I swear my cognitive ability increases to at least 400% after a good 20 minutes of exercise.
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    @Yamakuzure what is neuro feedback training about?
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    @ChemistOfTime adrenaline from coffee just gives me fear and anxiety I start sweating and just worsens my ADD symptoms
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    @stisch yeah been doing running 30min every second day. Maybe I should start doing it daily!
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    Sex. Do it whenever you can (3x a week if possible). Just dont do same position everytime. Thats practically remembering something while doing the deed.

    ADHD feeds off stress.
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    @zemaitis cut back on the amount of coffee you drink. Too much will do that to you.
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    @zemaitis You get electrodes attached to your head, measuring your brain activity.
    You then train to manipulate computer programs by concentrating on, for example, flying a camera around a parcour.
    With that you train to concentrate on anything at will.
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    When you are done hearing a question, repeat it for yourself and then answer.

    When the question/task was too long and messy start leading the conversation to clarify everything.

    If you expect longer meetings/conversations, take notes and draw pictures.

    Before you talk to someone, try to remember their name, if you cant, check whatever task/chat system you have

    To remember peoples names greet them with their full firstname the first time you see them everyday (if reasonable)

    To organize and remember tasks, keep a notebook handy or an open text file with tasks so you can write low priority stuff into it before you forget.

    If you need to memorize a lot, practice mnemotechnics.

    Also keep your lifestyle more organized, ofc food habits are important too, drink a lot

    And .. hmm.. what was the question again?
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