When you're hard at work on an algo but forgot to take your ADHD medicine so the squirrels are fighting outside but need to check Facebook statuses and having a dance party to Cotton Eyed Joe is a great coworker on LinkedIn which is now coded in Ember JS is weird compared to Python and my pencil is a funny color and my keyboard is shiny. I forgot the punchline. I'm gonna have a bowl of cereal. What was I doing?

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    This is a fantastic verbalization of what it's really like
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    @jlave215 thanks! Some days are worse than others...

    I'm wondering how fellow devs deal with ADHD?
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    Reading this... Is exactly how I feel all the time...
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    I think I just diagnosed myself with ADHD.
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    The only good part is when the company decide to move a project on a new technology and I am always the one who is going to learn it and create the half of the project in some days.

    After that it gets boring and I am not good anymore so they give me something else to do. 😛
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    @superuser finally! Someone else who does the same thing! My productivity is usually 150% the first couple of sprints, then I find myself putting in 50% thereafter since I've already essentially solved the problem.
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    @sietekk A nice dose of Concerta;)

    But seriously the ADD kinda helps me out. I seem to only concentrate on code, it's like tunnel vision when I get in front of my computer. Forget any of the other things in life.

    A notepad and pen are my saviors, if I don't write it down when it pops in my head, in 5 mins it's long gone.

    I was diagnosed with several LDs including ADD, my symptoms may not be the same as yours.
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    Damn, that's too real!
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