Today my 2 week old phone slips out of my pocket while standing up, falls on the screen and now it's cracked in multiple places. FML.

RIP Stormtrooper (he's black and white).

Repair is 30% of the new price. Worth it, but still a lot of money and 10 days without the phone.


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    What phone was it
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    My guess is you didn't buy it new. If you did buy it new it's under warranty and the repair should be free. On a side note, I still hold out with a flip phone because everybody, and I do mean everybody, who owns a flat phone has a horror story about them breaking.
    Another thing about flat phones is the instruction to "tap" to engage things. How many of us, when we're motherfcuking furious beyond speech, are going to "tap"? No, we're going to hit that damned screen as hard as we can with our finger!
    Kudos to the designers of the flat phone, introducing the sure-fire way for the product to be destroyed by the end user and therefore ineligible for repair under the warranty!
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    @bols59 accidental damage isn't covered under warranty 99% of the time
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    @Stuxnet i wanna know that as well
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    @bols59 @fuck2code no warranty for this damage in Germany.

    A fake replacement screen from Ali is about the same price (if I let a local phone repair shop do the actual replacement) and possibly not the same quality.
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    RIP :(
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    @bols59 in which country does the warranty cover screen breakage? I've never experienced such thing nor heard it. Mechanical damage is users fault and should not be covered under the warranty.

    Different story when you have phone insurance - it does cover such damages but you still pay a small amount.
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