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    If youre a Apple fanboy, please try to make a excuse for this.
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    @HampusMa Easy:

    "The websites you're trying to reach is flawed and incompatible with Safari."

    i.e. Not our fault.
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    Firefox and Chrome had this too.
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    @Jilano or rather that Safari doesnt have any Flash support. I know that it will be discontinued but it can atleast be a temporary feature or that flash is ignored instead of it causing errors.
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    I have a 7 years old Mini iPad.
    It works perfectly.
    Except I can't update the fucking iOS anymore, and the fucking Safari CRASHES on a lot of pages, especially the ones I used to read more.

    Since nobody can develop any browser on iOS different from Safari, I'm left with a crippled and useless wonderful piece of technology

    (BTW I also have a 8 years old Android tablet. It also work perfectly, but...another rant)

    I'm fucking sick of this shit
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