Apple just launched a $5999 cheese grater

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    Can't stop laughing at this shit
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    I saved two Mac Pro (old PowerPC devices) from the trash at work.

    The HR guy also had his eye on them. He wanted to cut the front off and make a fucking guitar pedal out of it.

    I beat him to the punch and they are stored away nicely, following me confirming they still work.

    He keeps asking me if I’m done with them yet.

    That’s a nope.
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    WTF is that?
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    @M1sf3t I think that it will process block cheese into cream cheese 😅
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    $6000?! What the fuck do you get with that?
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    The 2012 Mac Pro was also a cheese grater this isn’t news
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    @Charon92 a hell of a lot it turns out
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    A 256 gb ssd lol
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