Apple Just Announced It's Selling a Mac Monitor Stand for $999

..and monitor does not come with a stand.

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    Must be star platinum level stand
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    If I were in their position, I would also try to see how far I could go with it.
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    @devTea For that price, it must even contain platinum.
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    @sbiewald it’s a jojo reference
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    The company I used to work from once sold a monitor stand made out of acrylic with the ends bent down, basically a wide U, big enough to slide a notebook under when using external keyboard and screen.

    It cast $250 ;) and this was 25 years ago, figure it equals quite a-lot more today.

    And we sold quite a few despite no brand at all.

    Still have one of the left over at home, its probably indestructible.
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    2 of my monitors just sort of sit on the desk wedged in place by a piece of wood.

    The only one with a proper stand, the spring is weak in it so it needs a rubber wedged against to stop it tilting..
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    Dont worry. The apple fanboys will find a justification why it costs that much
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    It's not a monitor stand, it's the best monitor stand evaaaaa... With a shiny bitten apple logo on it!!!
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    lets found a startup which sells copies for $899
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    They have no shame whatsoever
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    @teadrinker as long apple fans will keep buying their products at any price, will keep their mouth shout when something doesn't work, there is no need to change for apple of course
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    we all know - for some reason, they can just get away with things like this

    at this point, I'm on their side and like @Jilano said, I'm curious how far they can go with this
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    @devTea making jojo references in devrant? I like you even more!
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    Can't afford the monitor so I'll probably just buy the stand instead.
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    Might be more affordable second hand in about 20 years time.

    Or free even..

    One monitor I got here, cost me $1 !
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    @delegate212 At this price you could get a 34", 21/9, 3440*1440 pixels, IPS, 144 He monitor.
    That being said, you might be able to mug lots of people using the stand as a blunt weapon... Tough choice!
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    My 50" 4K 3,840 x 2,160 monitor only cost me $300 new !
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    @Nanos I'm impressed! What type of panel and frequency?
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    @Jilano Not sure it tells me anywhere what type of panel ! 60hz @ non 4K mode, 30hz @ 4K mode.

    Picture quality is excellent though.

    Bit flaky getting it to work correctly connection wise in 4K mode, had to use a HDMI to DP active connector.
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    @Nanos 30Hz @ 4K 😰, well it’s cheap
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    Affordable, and a starting point as against having no 4K display to play with.

    It was around the same price as a non 4K display, so I thought, why not.

    60Hz one I think was like double the price, thus out of my budget range.

    Planning to leave it here when I move (Included in sale of home..) so will upgrade to something better at some point. (Assuming the place ever sells..)

    I quite fancy a 65" screen next..

    50" is just a bit too small to read the inbuilt TV text on when laying in bed.
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