So I made a car configurator for a big car manufacturer.

it's working awesome on all devices except motherfucking chrome on ios.

The canvas does not resize completely after device rotation . and I can't even remote debug the shit.

So right now at 12 AM, alone in the office and deploying vorlonjs on Azure to remote debug the shit out of it.

Let's hope I can fix it.

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    Be strong dude
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    Update 1: After adding vorlonjs to the page, the whole tab is getting crashed.

    Anyone have any idea how can I debug this.?
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    browsers on iOS are essentially all safari under the hood, dont know if it helps, that info helped me twice!
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    @devJs the problem is that the website is working perfect on safari. It's just only chrome on iOS I am getting the error.
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    tough luck, this helped me once, dont know if it is helpful to you http://jonsadka.com/blog/...
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    @devJs I am already following the same guide. Right now updating the Xcode to latest version . (Homebrew asked for that when I run the install command. )
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