Putting your screen vertical for coding, who does it? I never tried but am curious so maybe i should

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    Like... why don't you try it out yourself? :D
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    Not bad. Saves space and increases productivity. Also good for terminal outputs.

    On attached picture these are mine 2x 24" and 32" middle one.

    Just consider you might need VESA arm in case your monitor stand doesn't supports it.
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    I dislike it but it's really a personal thing.

    I prefer going wide then looking up and down.
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    @myss yeah a vesa stand costs money. So I just somehow put it against the wall and hope it doesn't fall over. But vertical screens are indeed super helpful. Not only for terminal output but for browsing its nice too. Because in horizontal theres so much unused space when looking at manpages/articles/wtf ever
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    @flake with your tits naked?
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    I used it vertical, but mostly for documentation on another screen, as most documents are A4/letter format.

    The format was good for the intended purpose, but many displays are optimized for the regular viewing angle, and so was mine. After some time it irritated me too much so I turned it back into the "right" position.
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    it's good for analysing logs...
    Bad for frontend dev, you easily forget to keep an eye on laptops screen sizes...
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    For that vertical I wanna need that 999$ stand from Apple man.
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    I really like that for reading docs but for coding I prefer my horizontal ultrawide monitor
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    Anything with holes in the right place will work, piece of metal found in the street, piece of wood even..
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    I have 4 screens, one is vertical. (Mainly used for reading full page PDF stuff, its 23" 2K touch screen, so I can scroll pages with my finger.)
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    I use also "main" monitor vertical. It helps keep out bad habits cause you have less horizontal space.
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    @Nanos 4?! What do you need so many screens for? Server status?
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    More screen real estate is useful.

    One is handy for reading PDF manuals.

    One is useful for main screen for testing applications/games.

    One screen to monitor program.

    One screen to troubleshoot issues/look up solutions online/etc.

    Another one wouldn't be a bad idea either if only I had the space..
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    @Nanos you are aware that you can close windows and open them again if needed right? :p
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    I am. :-)

    But it is a lot easier when reading instructions about how to do something in one window, with another window you are working on is open at the same time.

    I find more screens means less time closing and opening windows, they can just sit there being useful when needed.

    Eg. directories to move stuff from A to B, web browser, CCTV window, notes file, etc.
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