Today I left my job in which I spent these last 5 years.

My boss wasn't very pleased with me leaving the company today. But well, it had to be done

Now it's time to focus in freelancing and my own startup. Surely my work will be paid more accurately than these 5 years, one of the reasons I left.

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    What were the other reasons?
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    what is your startup about?
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    1. know what your hourly rates are.
    your desired yearly salery + yearly cost of doing business (Laptop, rent, marketing, travel expenses, >> everything business costs<<) + Profit margin + 20 % contingency divided by 2080 Hours = your hourly rate.

    2. get a lawyer to draw up your contracts with milestones.
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    1. I wasn't paid overtime when they needed me to do so
    2. we were totally uncommunicated to the outside world in the office, like you can't have your phone in working hours, and no chat or whatsoever. At least let me take calls dang it
    3. Payment wasn't very good, and they raised the salary too little in all these years
    4. Companies here need to pay to the state your retirement, they paid the minimal salary always
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    @coffeeholic software development 8n generam but there's quite a demand of software solutions for the transportation companies, me and my buddy will start from there, so we're gonna focus in that area for now
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    Software development in general*
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    5. My boss didn't hire anyone else to do product management, so there were too many times I was left doing nothing because my boss was busy in meetings, that time I could spent developing something for my own at home
    6. The clients payed for our work in us dollars, handsomely, but we were payed a lot less.
    7. Asking for permissions to go to the doctor or doing stuff you need to do was a pain
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    Good luck! I've done it and I have no regrets 👏
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    Did you save up 3 years worth of living expenses to tide you over till you made enough to live on ?
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    @Nanos nah, i just got a freelance gig to put the meal on the table for the next two months
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    You say you left, but I'm a bit vague. Did you hand in your notice and leave today or did you, like me, find a situation untenable and booked your ass straight out the door with no notice?
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    and exactly which of these software solutions for the transportation companies where you intending to focus on? I may already have a headstart in some of the areas.

    My programming ability sure seems to be having a lot of trouble keeping pace with it at least 🙄
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    That sounds absolutely awful. Why... How did you last FIVE YEARS there?
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    @bols59 That deserves a little write up. coming soon
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    @telephantasm By choice. some stuff changed in my life and I want to work in better conditions now

    tbh I was fine with all those issues because I like very much the project in which I was working on. Then that project ended recently after 3 years and I started wanting a change
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    I wanted to go back in freelancing. But damn, its quite hard to find clients in my area/country. I can't say we have the same "situation" when it comes to our employer.

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    gg wp
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