This is the first company I've been at without annual performance reviews. Employees are supposed to go to their manager when they feel they deserve a pay increase and start and undocumented process of writing up their contributions for the year. No standard cost of living increases.

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    Im working at a company with neither.
    Im getting irregular raises whenever a customer is happy about me. In the last half year two pay raises of about 10%
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    @Codex404 two year? Or two times increase?
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    I personally would start looking for a new employer, and add that to the list of questions I ask the prospective employer. They are being interviewed too, or should be.
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    Sitting here silently, the construction workers just about ready to walk to the 24 super grocery store for lunch... trying to formulate a response that's inclusive and bears traces of my opinion. But the only verbage running through my addled brain after reading your post is: jesusmotherfuckingshitstinkingchristonabrokenfuckincrutch... echoing a comment above, it's deffo time to look for another job. They're chateau bottled tossers and you deserve better.
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    @iAmNaN @bols59 what magical land are you two living in? Pretty sure the OP just described 99.9% of the companies Ive ever worked for.

    Granted none of them were a dev job but we've only got like 6 dev positions available in the entire state so its a waiting list that I don't intend to hold my breath for 🙄
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    @devTea I got two payraises in the last half year.
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    @M1sf3t I get a raise every year, plus performance bonus and profit sharing, but I'm in a very competitive industry as far as attracting employees go, and I don't live in Silicon Valley. 😉
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    @iAmNaN so, golden city, pearly gates, hymns forever being sung off in the distance and puffy, white clouds confused about which way is up?

    Seems like I've heard of this place once before but I was given the impression the door guy could be a real pita about the dress code.

    Really doubt I could ever afford the proper attire if the recruiters they have here are to be any example 🤔
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    @M1sf3t flip-flops, shorts, and t-shirts. People with ties are Vendors who didn't research us very well. 😁 Even our contractors learn to dress down a bit after the first day. Me, I'm normally in shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and Chuck Taylors, and a ball cap.
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