This is the first company I've been at without annual performance reviews. Employees are supposed to go to their manager when they feel they deserve a pay increase and start and undocumented process of writing up their contributions for the year. No standard cost of living increases.

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    Im working at a company with neither.
    Im getting irregular raises whenever a customer is happy about me. In the last half year two pay raises of about 10%
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    @Codex404 two year? Or two times increase?
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    I personally would start looking for a new employer, and add that to the list of questions I ask the prospective employer. They are being interviewed too, or should be.
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    Sitting here silently, the construction workers just about ready to walk to the 24 super grocery store for lunch... trying to formulate a response that's inclusive and bears traces of my opinion. But the only verbage running through my addled brain after reading your post is: jesusmotherfuckingshitstinkingchristonabrokenfuckincrutch... echoing a comment above, it's deffo time to look for another job. They're chateau bottled tossers and you deserve better.
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    @devTea I got two payraises in the last half year.
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    @M1sf3t I get a raise every year, plus performance bonus and profit sharing, but I'm in a very competitive industry as far as attracting employees go, and I don't live in Silicon Valley. 😉
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    @M1sf3t flip-flops, shorts, and t-shirts. People with ties are Vendors who didn't research us very well. 😁 Even our contractors learn to dress down a bit after the first day. Me, I'm normally in shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and Chuck Taylors, and a ball cap.
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